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"Andrew Rapacke is one-of-a-kind. He will answer all of your questions with a sense of care and takes the time to educate you about best practices for all your endeavors. His experience and expertise are bar none. No retainers, No fees for emails sent or phone calls made. Instead, tell him what you need and he'll provide that quality service with a quick turnaround all for a flat fee."

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Comprehensive Trademark Search

Trademark Application Package

Comprehensive Trademark Search + Application Package

  • Search of active pending applications and registrations in the USPTO database for identical and similar trademarks that may cause consumer confusion.
  • Common Law Trademarks Search. 
  • Domain name search .com, .co, .biz, .info, .net, .org, .us, .mobi. 
  • Consultation with an experienced trademark attorney.
  • Work directly with an experienced attorney from start to finish. 
  • Search of active pending applications and registrations in the USPTO database for identical trademarks. 
  • Preparation of statement of use when filed concurrently with the initial application. 
  • Research and identification of the class of goods/services. 
  • Preparation and filing of a federal trademark application. 
  • Monitoring of progress of application and email notifications relating to progress. 
  • Response to office action relating to identification of goods/services, disclaimers, description of mark, additional statements.
  • Work directly with an experienced trademark attorney from start to finish. 
  • Everything included in the Comprehensive Trademark Search. 
  • Everything included in the Trademark Application Package.

no government fee required

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*$275 government filing fee not included.

*$275 government filing fee not included.

*For each trademark application there is a Government filing fees of $275 per class of goods/services.
*For each trademark statement of use there is a Government filing fees of $100 per class of goods/services.
*Responses to office actions do not include 2(d) through 2(f) refusals.





I don't live in Florida, can you still work with me?

Absolutely. We represent clients in all industries from across the United States and internationally.

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a symbol, design, word, phrase, sound, color, or combination of them that is used to represent and differentiate your products from someone else’s.

How long does it take to get a federal registration?

The USPTO uses a first to file system, your mark is protected from the time you file but the process of receiving your trademark registration usually takes from 12-18 months.

When can I use the ® symbol?

You can only use the ® symbol in connection with federally registered marks. However, if you are using the mark to sell your products or advertise your services, and you do not have a federal registration yet, you can use the  symbol next to your mark.

How To Patent Your Toy Idea

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The premier intellectual property law firm focused on protecting toys and gaming products against counterfeits.

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Step 1 - Conduct A Prior Art Search

First, we conduct a comprehensive prior art search to confirm that no pre-existing technology or designs exist that are similar or identical to those used in your toy.

Step 2 - Draft A Detailed Description

Next we will assist you in drafting a detailed description of your toy including drawings or images with the goal of establishing that your invention is unique, useful, and non-obvious.

 Provide your first consultation at no charge.

 Complete and file your patent application for one affordable fixed-fee, no hourly billing or retainer.

 Provide a thorough evaluation of your situation and tell you how to protect your design, helping you avoid costly mistakes.

 Strive to provide superior service. We consistently win the AVVO Clients' Choice Award.

We Promise To:

Experienced Toy Patent Attorney 

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Patent claims clearly define what aspects of your toy are to be protected and which are not. It is important not to draft them to broadly as this could result in a rejection. On the other hand, drafting them to narrowly could result in other manufacturing a nearly identical version of your toy without infringing on your patent. It is very important to seek professional help from a patent when drafting claims.

Step 3 - Create Patent Claims

Step 4 - Write A Summary and Make Copies

Write a one-page summary explaining the nature and functionality of your toy describing why it deserves patent protection. After completing this make a copy of all documentation mentioned above.

Step 5 - Complete and Submit Patent Application

We draft your patent application using your input and our extensive experience in the toy patent space. After completing your application we conduct a final review and submit it to the USPTO electronically.

Step 6 - Answer Query and Modification Request from USPTO

In some cases, you will receive modification requests from the USPTO. We assist you in addressing these requests by modifying the claim to meet the USPTO's objections or explain to the examiner in further detail why your inventions claim to non-obviousness would not be defeated by a broad patent claim.

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"Outstanding experience! Andrew is friendly, knowledgeable and he delivered my patent on time and within budget. I look forward to working with Andrew on future projects and would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends and business colleagues."

Mike Stiber | September 5, 2017

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